A 3H2 Human Perspective

What is a 3H2 Human?

Lynnardo and 3H2 Humans

Definition: 3H2 Humans a mindset which offers conscious awareness towards health, happiness and a humble perspective. A 3H2 Human explores varied vantage points of reality through critical thought, considers conscious communication and is diligent today for a thriving community tomorrow.

The name 3H2 Humans is shorthand for Hungry Horse Humans with health happiness and a humble perspective.  The name Hungry Horse represents a small town in rural Montana, a few miles from Glacier National Park.

Overtime, 3H2 Humans has become an organization with focus on individual optimization of health, happiness and a humble perspective with consideration of the current tech revolution underway. Information is abundant.  We offer thought seeds to expedite learning throughout the journey of life.  Through conscious communication, our message is broadcast on an international level.

We offer a radio show in iTunes, our website and other streaming devices on the web. The show is currently in its third season.  Learn with us as we navigate rapidly changing areas of modern technology related to entrepreneurship and overall wellness of mind and body.

Send questions to info@3h2humans.org and purchase items at https://squareup.com/store/3h2-humans