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January 5, 2018

December 20, 2017
S3E4 Amit Goswami Event Recap

  1. Positive vibes in DT Palo Alto are reminiscent of a Hallmark movie
  2. Amit has a great message for all ages
  3. Healthy mind, healthy body through personal growth
  4. 1st step is to believe change is possible
  5. What is non-local communication?
  6. Decorating can be a form of meditation
  7. Amit says, “Do, be, do, be, do,” to create balance
  8. Happiness chart from 0-6, with 6 to involve self-identity


November 26, 2017
S3E3 Going Back to Cali

  1. 3H2 Humans relocates to Roseville CA
  2. Lynnardo explores potential catalysts for recent life changes
  3. Difficulties which accompany a wing in a sling
  4. Failure is a word to use sparingly as it often promotes growth
  5. Relationships in Spokane were mostly Yellow Zone
  6. 0% Pink Zone response rate from 10 fellow Radio Show hosts
  7. Comfort of family and loved ones in CA Bay Area
  8. A new adventure refreshes the soul


October 5, 2017
S3E2 Bryne Visits Hood River

  1. Bryne chats about his 3 favorite things in Hood River
  2. Thoughts about efficiency noticed while on the Full Sail Brewery tour
  3. Businesses visited while walking around town
  4. Quantum Touch workshop at Awakening Essence in White Salmon WA
  5. What is the basic concept behind chakras?
  6. Thoughts about a Lynnardo Doppelganger at the energy workshop
  7. Joy of going to each other’s Pink Zone’s
  8. Bryne received a hot shave and cold beer from Mike at Rooks in Hood River


September 11, 2017
S3E1 10L Measure a Mentor

  1. Monetization: Investigate a speaker’s products and endorsements.
  2. You: Scan published work for Pish Posh Elements. Is the word you, misused?
  3. Integrity: Does the person lead by example?
  4. 3H2 Human: Conscious of health, happiness and a humble perspective.
  5. Conscious Leadership: Able to lead, follow and get out of the way?
  6. Visualize: Explore potential positions in the Mentor Hamburger.
  7. Pink Zone Tangible: Communicate in writing.
  8. Show Me Hiring: Establish real-time validation for leadership.
  9. Value: Negotiate per value, as opposed to per hour.
  10. Community: Gain Pink Zone understanding of person’s community.


Show Topics Season 2

July 6, 2017
S2E20 5th of July

  1. The barer of news will (subconsciously) alter concepts relayed
  2. Psychological disorders are a cultural phenomenon
  3. Vacations are magical because stimuli is new and exciting
  4. Goal: Unhealthy habits harder to access and healthy options easier
  5. What if Americans focused on well-being during 4th of July celebrations?
  6. Bryne and Lynnardo talked about subjective and objective reality
  7. Instead of (good/bad) think in terms of (progress/hindrance)
  8. Carl Jung encouraged exploration to better understand society and self


June 28, 2017
S2E19 Potential Perspectives (2014.06.24)

  1. The meaning of a word will change slightly from person to person
  2. Non-local communication experiments with plants
  3. Potential physical and mental reasons for sound in the night
  4. has about 20 visits per day
  5. We benefit today from other people’s work of the past
  6. Winding down after a one month CA road trip
  7. Mental consequences of hoarding physical objects
  8. Gentrification across the street with Kendall Yards construction


June 13, 2017
S2E18 Q&A II (2017.06.12)

  1. How will 3H2 Humans improve my life?
  2. Why is consciousness important to know?
  3. What are Lynnardo’s credentials and profession?
  4. How does 3H2 Humans stay in business?
  5. What are trinkets?


June 3, 2017
S2E17 Questions and Answers I

  1. Who are Lynnardo and Mustacio?
  2. What is 3H2 Humans all about?
  3. Explain why there are Thought Seeds on the website.
  4. How do I play The Cognitive Discovery Game at home?
  5. What social media platforms do 3H2 Humans use?


May 22, 2017
S2E16 Mom Plays Cognitive Discovery Game (2017.05.14)

  1. Why did I choose a path of Conscious Communication? (7 Spades)
  2. What are three things my Mom can do to help me? (3 Hearts)
  3. How can I simplify The Cognitive Discovery Game? (Jack Diamonds)
  4. “I didn’t play the game because the door was too big to open.”
  5. Mom encourages Lynnardo to replace wrong with complicated.
  6. “I’m not only your Mom, I’m your friend.”
  7. Mom teaches Lynnardo how to optimize the game.
  8. Mom’s advice, “Let go of the past, visualize new opportunity.”


April 27, 2017
S2E15 Lynnardo’s Adventure Begins (2014.03.01)

  1. First recording of The 3H2 Humans Radio Show
  2. Thoughts on Startup Weekend Spokane 2013
  3. Replace (good/bad) with (helpful/harmful)
  4. Occupation Exploration Networking Event
  5. Buy time with a positive outlook
  6. How to encourage introverts in a group setting
  7. What is networking and how to optimize connections
  8. Lynnardo rambles about calendar holidays


April 20, 2017
S2E14 Radio Show 2yr Anniversary (2014.03.20)

1. “Try,” a word to abandon
2. Explanation of duality
3. Hard to remove the word, “You”
4. Why podcasts are awesome
5. Book Talk: Saving Bernice pg. 39
6. Three types of knowledge
7. Increase exposure, review favorite podcasts
8. Community goals of 3H2 Humans



April 12, 2017
S2E13 Bryne Prepares for Travel (2014.08.02)

  1. Chores to complete before departure
  2. Why time off of daily life is important
  3. Destination Hungry Horse Montana
  4. Destination Glacier National Park
  5. How trinkets first began


April 7, 2017
S2E12 Bryne Pretends to Know (2014.09.11)

  1. What is the difference between a Czar, Magnet and Mogul?
  2. How does an antiperspirant work?
  3. Can anyone form a cartel?
  4. What does the “Mach,” in Mach 2 mean?
  5. What happened to the four basic food groups?
  6. What is the Information Superhighway?
  7. What is a nervous breakdown?
  8. Does eating garlic make you healthy?



April 3, 2017
S2E11 10L Bryne Cog Discovery Game (2014.09.08)

  1. What steps do I need to take in order to be successful?
  2. What is a new form of beneficial stimuli?
  3. What is a simple goal I can achieve to be successful?
  4. What is a short term goal to work on?
  5. What will help me take the next step?
  6. How can I be a pleasant person to be around?
  7. How can I be more motivated?
  8. What will alleviate my pain?
  9. How can Bryne help me to be more pleasant?
  10. What are hidden meanings within The Lego Movie?



March 28, 2017
S2E10 10L Unique Daily Habits

  1. Jog, kettle bell, Meditation Oasis Podcast
  2. 100 trinket photos per day
  3. Conscious of subconscious word selection
  4. Chart card for M-F task accountability
  5. Learn and be productive – Screenshot podcasts
  6. Reflection write – Critical thought exercise
  7. Conscious of food source – Vegetarian, probiotics
  8. Neighbor to the world – Earth as single organism
  9. Whiteboard with note card accountability
  10. Aware of environment – Recognize individual reality


February 13, 2017
S2E9 Dozen 10L Extravaganza!

  1. Opt Out of Social Media (S1E3)
  2. Organizational Chunklets
  3. Benefits of News Stand Photos
  4. Unique Daily Habits
  5. Reflection Write (S1E2)
  6. How to Connect
  7. Entrepreneur Thought Seeds
  8. Initial Communication (S1E5)
  9. Visit to Salon
  10. Humble Perspective (S2E2)
  11. Health Exploration (S1E14)
  12. Happiness (S2E1)


November 27,2016
S2E6 10L Grand Opening

  1. 3H2 Humans Spokane Grand Opening
  2. Fall to Winter Transitional Thoughts
  3. Learn From Trial and Error
  4. Meet and Mingle With 3H2 Humans
  5. Raffle, Catering and Silent Auction
  6. Local Business and Non-Profit Participation
  7. Build Community Relationships
  8. Enjoy a Day of Something New
  9. Exposure to Novel Mindsets and People
  10. Explore Philosopher Pliny the Elder


November 09, 2016
S2E5 10L 3H2 Humans Jargon

1. 3H2 Humans
2. Pink Zone Communication
3. Yellow Zone Communication
4. Layers of Consciousness
5. Self-Actualization
6. Individual Perspective
7. Shared Understanding
8. Critical Thought
9. Conscious Communication
10. Cognitive Discovery Game


August 23, 2016
S2E4 10L Questions, Comments and Answers

  1. Is 3H2 Humans set up to generate revenue?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. What is Conscious Communication?
  4. Explain the details of a Cognitive Tarot session with you.
  5. How do you aim to shift paradigms of thought? Which paradigms are they?
  6. Why do you pick on people and read emails on the air?
  7. What are Pish Posh Words, is there a glossary of terms?
  8. Can I notify 3H2 of an upcoming local event?
  9. Why are some names anonymous and others given on air?
  10. Why do you have two recordings per show?


August 1, 2016
S2E3 10L Goals Cognitive Tarot with Tim

  1. Strive for Pink Zone tangibility with others
  2. Keep tract of spontaneous information
  3. Visualize a successful day
  4. Learn from trial and error
  5. Follow through with action
  6. Let thy word be thy honor
  7. 10L Life Priority Annual Goals (2016, 2017, 2018….)
  8. Identify areas for improvement
  9. Under promise, over deliver
  10. Balance exercise, diet and sleep


July 27, 2016
S2E2 10L Humble Perspective

  1. Righteous anger ~ Defend a just position with proactive behavior
  2. Selfless behavior ~ Put other human welfare above ones own
  3. Get excited with someone ~ Joy is contagious. Enter anothers Pink Zone
  4. Introspect cause of frustrations ~ Increase ability to accurately assess behavior
  5. Tune out mass media ~ Patterns of thought mirror environmental stimuli
  6. Sleep on it ~ Optimize sleep conditions. Deep sleep restores mind and body
  7. Hydrate ~ Drink water upon morning rise. Restore lost fluids daily.
  8. Ditch the past ~ Increase present moment awareness. Alter expectations.
  9. Tip well ~ Domino effect of gratitude towards others. Small acts have a large impact.
  10. Identify human struggle ~ Express compassion towards creatures on Earth.


July 21, 2016
S2E1 10L  Happiness Benefits

  1. Speak 30% and listen 70% ~ Give conscious attention to the present moment
  2. Focus on haves ~ Utilize what is had before desiring more
  3. Examine life as an adventurer ~ Ask questions, explore the unknown
  4. Critical thought ~ Ingest, reflect and modify info for deep level, stimuli processing
  5. Give effort towards conscious communication ~ Speak in The Pink Zone
  6. Reflection write ~ Increase ability to view oneself and others objectively
  7. Humble perspective ~ Identify and recognize similarities between humans
  8. Occupation fulfillment ~ Allow monetary gains to align with ethics and morals
  9. Pro-active approach to life ~ Less energy to prevent incident rather than fix later
  10. Be true to character ~ Hold oneself accountable for actions



Show Topics Season 1

April 20, 2016
S1E14 10L Health Exploration

  1. Hydrate Before Thirst Signal
  2. Balance Nutrition
  3. Balance Sleep and Exercise
  4. Posture
  5. Read Ingredients on Food Labels
  6. Be a Free Range Human
  7. Daily, Re-Occurring, Productive, Physical Activity
  8. Push Limits
  9. Chronological vs Biological Age
  10. Rise Before The Sun


March 7, 2016
S1E13 10L Helpful Driving Habits

  1. Minimize potential for road rage
  2. Leave extra space between ones own car and the car in front when in motion.
  3. Drive defensively. Anticipate drivers to act foolishly and plan accordingly.
  4. Keep the vehicle clean. Exterior and interior. Remove unneeded items.
  5. Use Uber, Lyft or other car service when intoxicated or exhausted.
  6. Have snacks and water available. Minimize desire to impulse eat and drink.
  7. Minimize break use by lifting off accelerator early. Be steady on the gas.
  8. Perform routine maintenance. Keep emergency supplies in the car.
  9. Be mindful of speed relative to others.
  10. Pull forward when stopped at a light or in traffic.


February 3, 2016
S1E12 10L Customer Service

  1. Communicate Through Email
  2. One Touch Communication When Possible
  3. Answer Each Question Asked
  4. Express Empathy and Compassion Toward Customer Needs
  5. Include Customer in The Process.
  6. Be Professional. Remove Pish Posh Words, Assumptions and Emotions.
  7. Explore Definitions and Duties of Morals, Ethics and Legality.
  8. Minimize Chit Chat and Fluff
  9. Organize Information
  10. Escalate An Issue Before Emotions Rise.


January 07, 2016
S1E11 10L Second Half PPW

  1. Clearly
  2. Girl
  3. Impossible
  4. Regret
  5. Lonely
  6. Boredom
  7. Love
  8. Moral judgments
  9. Group distinctions
  10. Absolutes


December 22, 2015
S1E10 10L First Half PPW

  1. You
  2. Can’t
  3. Should
  4. Make
  5. Sorry
  6. Try
  7. They
  8. Actually
  9. Obviously
  10. Finally


October 27, 2015
S1E7 10L Pish Posh Words II

  1. Speak in a pink zone shared reality
  2. Ingest, reflect and modify for deep level, stimuli processing
  3. Examine self-described tenses (I, my, we, us, *you)
  4. Tell me more Vs No it’s not
  5. Language beyond words
  6. Explore the self
  7. Front load pertinent detail when speaking
  8. Oil and Water Consciousness Phenomenon
  9. Headline Impact
  10. 20 Pish Posh Words worth conscious attention


October 8, 2015
S1E6 10L Enjoyable Mentor Experience

  1. Retreat Setting
  2. 3H2 Validation
  3. Above Average Intelligence
  4. Primitive Lens on Life
  5. Represented Antithesis of Prior Thought
  6. Tell Me More Mentality
  7. Compassionate Instruction
  8. Adventure Meetings
  9. Alpha, Warrior, Gladiator, Jedi
  10. Play Catch


September 11, 2015
S1E5 10L Initial Communication

  1. Present Clear Objectives. Understand one’s own motives, and motives of others
  2. Minimize Communications and remove assumption based questions
  3. Shake bridge of truth.  If red flags are felt, test validity of source
  4. Be true to word.  Only promise what will be delivered
  5. Work towards 70/30.  70% listening and 30% talking.  Ingest more, talk less
  6. Practice what is preached.  Master advice before soap-boxing ideas
  7. Keep personal details to a minimum
  8. Be open to any position in the mentor hamburger
  9. Meet at a neutral location.  Discuss ideal parameters of comfort
  10. Minimize grandstanding.  Replace self-congratulations with tell me more


July 10, 2015
S1E4 10L Questions, Comments, and Answers

  1. What is the difference between Pink Zone and Yellow Zone realities?
  2.  Be specific. The layout and content of your show is too broad
  3.  The name Mastermind Symposium of Infinite Possibility is long winded
  4.  I need to know who you two are and why you are qualified to speak
  5.  Why is it so confusing?  Can you dumb it down for the rest of us?
  6.  What is a Pish Posh Word? How many of them are there?
  7.  What are three strategies people can use to break down information?
  8.  Why do you avoid the subject of “curse words,” as a part of your teachings?
  9. What does the name 3H2 Humans mean?
  10.  I hear you mention explicit learning.  What does it mean?


May 3, 2015
S1E3 10L Opt Out of Social Media

  1. Interrupts consciousness symphony of productivity
  2. Increase potential for negative dominoes in the mind
  3. Distraction immediate Pink Zone reality
  4. Subconscious exhaustion from jumping around multiple streams of CS
  5. Single written persona integrated with a rapidly changing personality
  6. Frustration with poor communication skills
  7. Unique thought suppressed
  8. Desire conversation on my own terms
  9. Info is public and permanent
  10. Old soul,prefer one on one communication


April, 29 2015
S1E2 10L Reflection Writing Habits

  1. Formatting: Block style, spell check off, max 5 sentences per paragraph.
  2. Daily routine: Write 90 pages in 90 days. Complete task early as to increase success potential.
  3. Remain in doc: Disable internet and distractions. Use whiteboard for notes.
  4. Explore streams of consciousness: Solitude sans noise vs busy eatery.
  5. Reflect honestly: When fooling others, the only fool is the self.
  6. Small chunklets: Block thoughts 3-5 lines. Focus narrow then expand.
  7. Set it and forget it: Let time pass before reading, then print and edit.
  8. Remove assumptions: Explore possibilities along a continuum.
  9. Be conscious of tense: I, we, me, past, present, future. Who is speaking?
  10. Have fun: Listen to the muse. Dink around, philosophize, intuit.


April 26, 2015
S1E1 10L Pish Posh Words I

  1. Examine the word you,”what does it represent?
  2. Be Conscious of self-descriptive tense and why words are selected. (I, my, we.)
  3. 20 Pish Posh Words to omit
  4. Volume of voice. Be cognizant of tone and expressions.
  5. Speak in the Pink Zone. Words = logic / honesty.
  6. Ingest, reflect and modify for deep level stimuli processing.
  7. Concise and digestible. Focus on the point / answer to question.
  8. Conscious and subconscious selection of words. Headline, impact.
  9. Understand the self. Define health, happiness and a humble perspective.
  10. Tell me more vs No it’s not.