S1E3 10L Opt Out of Social Media

Mastermind Symposium of Infinite Possibility
S1E3 10L Opt Out of Social Media
Sunday May 3, 2015
LC 10L Benefit: Opt out of social media

Listener Challenge #03
Write a ten list which outlines benefits of opting out of social media. How can time be spent in productive ways beyond the computer? Social Media is designed to take a snap shot of a person within the moment. Once the moment passes, the stimuli remains the same. People change rapidly. Allow for rapid evolution, minimize static ideas and a static online presence. Mix it up. Opt out of social media.

10L Opt Out of Social Media

  1.  Interrupts consciousness symphony of productivity.
  2.  Increase potential for negative domino’s in the mind.
  3.  Distraction immediate Pink Zone reality.
  4.  Subconscious exhaustion from jumping around multiple streams of CS.
  5.  Single written persona integrated with a rapidly changing personality.
  6.  Frustration with poor communication skills.
  7.  Unique thought suppressed.
  8.  Desire conversation on my own terms.
  9.  Info is public and permanent.
  10. Old soul, prefer one on one communication.