S1E9 Pish Posh Words Feedback II

3H2 Humans
Mastermind Symposium of Infinite Possibility
S1E9   Pish Posh Words Feedback II
December 4, 2015
LC Adventure Walk

Listener Challenge #09
Adventure cures the mind, calms the mind and encourages forward momentum. If stuck in the middle of a task and simply need a break from current stimuli, go for an adventure walk. Leave a current location on foot and allow intuition to do the rest. Give attention to the present moment. Silence phone, turn off music, remove headphones and tap into primitive animal instincts. Kindly acknowledge those who pass by. Observe stimuli through present moment senses, hear cars drive by, gaze upon a flower, transport to….now.

17. “I went to the store,” is an example of the speaker perspective and a self-described tense.” – Please, please, please look up what a tense is in grammar. Clearly you don’t know.

18. “Coming from the speaker perspective, you is synonymous with the listener, meaning it is the listener who is falling from the sky.” – “You,” is often used in English as an indefinite pronoun. Technically the pronoun “one,” should be used when no specific person is in mind. You, I mean you, don’t know enough about grammar to pontificate.

19. “Is there a noticeable difference between you and I when addressing a listener? Own an experience conveyed. Speak logically. Communicate from the I perspective.” – You have no right to tell this to anyone.

20. “The misuse of tense produces a negative algorithm when calculating logic during analyzation of a speaker.” – How does one calculate logic?

21. “The misuse of tense produces a negative algorithm when calculating logic during analyzation of a speaker.” – You are misusing the word “tense,” itself. This is well beyond ironic.

22. “The foundational emotion of the conversation shifted from enjoyed to hate.” – False dichotomy fallacy. People often talk in contrast. So what?

23. “Body language holds great weight when considering effective information transfer between humans. Visualize a continuum with noticeable posture stance on one end and micro facial expressions on the other.” – Not another continuum, makes no sense in this instance.

24. “Trial and error is one of the universes greatest gifts as it assists in the calibration and sensation of intuition. Failure becomes a sensei, as a warrior mindset develops.” – Warrior mindset develops, very Pish Posh. I always wondered why it was such a great gift. Sarcastic.