S1E12 10L Customer Service

3H2 Humans
Mastermind Symposium of Infinite Possibility
February 12, 2016
S1E12   10L Customer Service
LC Fight For Community Well-Being

Listener Challenge #12
Fight for community well-being. Go for a walk around the neighborhood at various times of day, and days of the week. Identify potential areas of improvement. For example, high color temperature streetlights, over filled trash cans and other small yet significant issues which effect the community. Write to city council and local government if needed. Take action, fight for community health, happiness and humble perspective.  Be heard, offer a solution to a hindrance which is noticed.


10L Customer Service

  1.  Communicate Through Email
  2.  One Touch Communication When Possible
  3.  Answer Each Question Asked
  4.  Express Empathy and Compassion Toward Customer Needs
  5.  Include Customer in The Process
  6.  Be Professional. Remove Pish Posh Words, Assumptions and Emotions
  7. Explore Definitions and Duties of Morals, Ethics and Legality
  8. Minimize Chit Chat and Fluff
  9.  Organize Information
  10.  Escalate An Issue Before Emotions Rise


Five Podcasts – Mixed

  1.  Heart Wisdom – Jack Kornfield
  2.  Good Job Brain! – Karen, Dana, Chris, Colin
  3.  Fearless and Healthy – Ian Ryan
  4. Cord Cutters – Elias, Luke
  5.  You Are Not So Smart – David McRaney


Five Books – Unique Thought Seeds

  1.  Quantum Doctor – Amit Goswami
  2.  Science Set Free – Rupert Sheldrake
  3.  Saving Bernice – Jody Raphael
  4.  Kokology – Nagao and Saito
  5.  Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert – Richard Betts