S2E0 Season II Announcement

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S2E0 Season II Announcements
June 13, 2016


The new season and updated website will be live July 2016. The 3H2 Humans Radio Show Season is active from July to April. May and June will offer time off to ingest, reflect and modify content for the next season. /

The show notes are simplified, updated and available on the old site. We have decreased volume and increased value. /

Q and A soon to record for season II. Email questions, comments and observations to 3h2humans@gmail.com /

Neil deGrass Tyson two extra tickets to show on 2016.06.14 in Spokane. Will gift to first person who requests the free tickets. /

We appreciate the efforts of those who have left reviews. Help us grow. Publicly offer ones own, unique perspective with three positive points and three suggestions for improvement. Check out new the 3H2 Humans Google Business page. Be diligent with action and share thought seeds. /

Schedule future appointments through email until the schedule software goes live in July 2016. /

Apply for a 90 day internship with 3H2 Humans in Spokane Washington. We seek motivated, gritty people who have acquired new skills and desire to test them out through application and masterminding. Upon completion, receive experience and a reference to assist with future employment. All fields of study welcome to apply.