S2E1 10L Happiness Benefits

Mastermind Symposium of Infinite Possibility
July 21, 2016
S2E1 10L Happiness Benefits
LC Spring Clean Home Adventure

LC Spring Clean Home Adventure

S2E1 2016.07.20
Listener Challenge #15
Regardless of the time of year, the present moment offers a great time for a spring cleaning adventure!  Similar to a treasure hunt with hidden items, a closet will become a treasure chest of forgotten and lost possessions.  While on adventure around the home, dig deep into nooks and crannies neglected by time.  Sort with three piles, keep, toss and donate.  Once the closet is clean and items sorted and dealt with, tackle the next closet or neglected room full of junk. Keep two things in mind, work clockwise and keep moving.  Enjoy!


10L Happiness Exploration

  1. Speak 30% and listen 70% ~ Give conscious attention to the present moment
  2. Focus on haves ~ Utilize what is had before desiring more
  3. Examine life as an adventurer ~ Ask questions, explore the unknown
  4. Critical thought ~ Ingest, reflect and modify info for deep level, stimuli processing
  5. Give effort towards conscious communication ~ Speak in The Pink Zone
  6. Reflection write ~ Increase ability to view oneself and others objectively
  7. Humble perspective ~ Identify and recognize similarities between humans
  8. Occupation fulfillment ~ Allow monetary gains to align with ethics and morals
  9. Pro-active approach to life ~ Less energy to prevent incident rather than fix later
  10. Be true to character ~ Hold oneself accountable for actions

Five Podcasts Entrepreneur

  1. Tiny Leaps, Big Changes – Gregg Clunis
  2. The Game Changer Podcast – Michelle Dutro
  3. The Next Level – Jeff Agostinelli
  4. The Rebel Speaker Podcast – Michelle Mazur
  5. Confidence on The Go – Trish Blackwell

Five Movies 2015

  1. Inside Out – (2015)
  2. Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck – (2015)
  3. Star Wars: Episode VII- The Force Awakens – (2015)
  4. Straight Outta Compton – (2015)
  5. The Big Short – (2015)

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