S2E4 10L Questions, Comments and Answers

3H2 Humans
Mastermind Symposium of Infinite Possibility
August 23, 2016
S2E4 10L Questions, Comments and Answers

LC Clean Windows #18

Clean windows inside and outside. House windows, car windows.  Become consciously aware of windows and glass structures within the environment.  Ponder, “When was the last time I deep cleaned these windows?”  Dedicate time each day this week to vacuum window sills, scrub off water stains and wash glass.  Once clean, develop a system of for regular maintenance.  For example, wash the car windows each time gas is pumped. Multitask when possible. Work with the family unit to establish individual and group accountability.  Visualize a clear future through clean the windows.


10L S2E4 10L Questions, Comments and Answers

  1. Is 3H2 Humans set up to generate revenue?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. What is Conscious Communication?
  4. Explain the details of a Cognitive Tarot session with you.
  5. How do you aim to shift paradigms of thought? Which paradigms are they?
  6. Why do you pick on people and read emails on the air?
  7. What are Pish Posh Words, is there a glossary of terms?
  8. Can I notify 3H2 of an upcoming local event?
  9. Why are some names anonymous and others given on air?
  10. Why do you have two recordings per show?


5L Leading Lady TV

  1. Halt and Catch Fire – (2014)
  2. Jessica Jones – (2015)
  3. Being Mary Jane – (2013)
  4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – (2015)
  5. Don’t Trust the B**** in Apt 23 – (2012)


5L Michelle Dutro Mentor Concepts to Explore
The Game Changer Podcast – (2016.08.10)
#87 “How To Tell Good Advice From…CRAZY!

  1. Mastermind the concepts, “Unsolicited,” “Bully,” and “Entrepreneur.”
  2. Does Michelle treat people with love and respect as she preaches on her show?
  3. What happens to the vibe of a chat when a subject is centered on hate?
  4. What is an individual perspective?
  5. Are stories told by Michelle over dramatized to a point of falsehood?


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