S2E6 10L 3H2 Humans Grand Opening

November 27, 2016
S2E6 10L 3H2 Humans Grand Opening

Enjoy Pink Zone Family Fun

Listener Challenge #20
At the next family event, set up a Pink Zone family activity.  Play a game like Timeline or build a gingerbread house as a group.  Embrace a present moment mindset when visiting with family and friends over the holidays.  Minimize media sensationalized topics, TV time and gossip about others.  Learn who people are today as opposed to preconceived notions of the past.  Create a positive environment which encourages interaction and critical thought within a family unit.  Laugh, play and be merry with loved ones.  Time is precious.  Engage in Pink Zone family fun!


10L 3H2 Humans Grand Opening

  1. 3H2 Humans Spokane Grand Opening
  2. Fall to Winter Transitional Thoughts
  3. Learn From Trial and Error
  4. Meet and Mingle With 3H2 Humans
  5. Raffle, Catering and Silent Auction
  6. Local Business and Non-Profit Participation
  7. Build Community Relationships
  8. Enjoy a Day of Something New
  9. Exposure to Novel Mindsets and People
  10. Explore Philosopher Pliny the Elder

Announcements: 3H2 Humans Grand Opening Celebration December 10, 2016 Aunties Bookstore – Reserve a Ticket (Individual) or Booth (Non-profit) through email – 3H2Spokane@gmail.com / Apply for a 90 day internship or paid position (Podcast engineer) all fields of study welcome /Check out Website Upgrades /Donation Challenge / Share thoughts towards this episodes shorter  format