S2E8 RB 10L Helpful Driving Habits

December 8, 2016
S2E8 RB 10L Helpful Driving Habits
(Re-broadcast of S1E13)

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Be a Conscious Driver

Listener Challenge #22
Be a conscious driver.  Explore the 10 List of thought seeds presented in this episode.  Many continuums of thought are explored.  Which ideas are relevant and potentially helpful towards creation of positive daily life habits? Reciprocate kindness to fellow drivers through teachings of the Golden Rule. Express empathy for others on the road and assist with their, and ones own safe destination arrival.  Drive with present moment awareness.  Be a conscious driver!

10L Helpful Driving Habits

  1. Minimize potential for road rage
  2. Leave extra space between ones own car and the car in front when in motion.
  3. Drive defensively. Anticipate drivers to act foolishly and plan accordingly.
  4. Keep the vehicle clean. Exterior and interior. Remove unneeded items.
  5. Use Uber, Lyft or other car service when intoxicated or exhausted.
  6. Have snacks and water available. Minimize desire to impulse eat and drink.
  7. Minimize break use by lifting off accelerator early. Be steady on the gas.
  8. Perform routine maintenance. Keep emergency supplies in the car.
  9. Be mindful of speed relative to others.
  10. Pull forward when stopped at a light or in traffic.

Five favorable products

  1. Hansons Natural Soda
  2. Merriam-Websters Dictionary and Thesaurus
  3. Lake Missoula Tea Company
  4. Midnight Oil Soap Company
  5. Progressive food containers

Five Fun Games

  1. Heroes of Might and Magic III (PC – CD)
  2. Sid Myers Civilization V (PC – Steam)
  3. Dokapon Kingdom (WII)
  4. Timeline Diversity (Mini-Cards)
  5. Geocaching (Live Action)

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