S2E9 Dozen 10L Extravaganza!

February 13, 2017
S2E9 Dozen 10L Extravaganza!

Present Moment Awareness

Listener Challenge #23
Spend this week with focus on present moment awareness.  Offer extra attention towards objects in the room and specific words exchanged through conversation and media.  When out and about in public look to the sky. Scan for surveillance cameras inside and out as a means to focus on the present moment.  While in the car, seek to identify traffic cameras and exterior forms of monitoring.  While in doors, count and note the style of cameras observable.  Explore, how can I increase present moment awareness?


Dozen 10L Extravaganza! Recorded 2015.03.06

  1. Opt Out of Social Media (S1E3)
  2. Organizational Chunklets
  3. Benefits of News Stand Photos
  4. Unique Daily Habits
  5. Reflection Write (S1E2)
  6. How to Connect
  7. Entrepreneur Thought Seeds
  8. Initial Communication (S1E5)
  9. Visit to Salon
  10. Humble Perspective (S2E2)
  11. Health Exploration (S1E14)
  12. Happiness (S2E1)


Five Songs About God

  1. Prayer In C – Robin Schulz (Radio) Remix
  2. It Was a Good Day – Ice Cube
  3. The Humbling River – Puscifer
  4. Forgive – Trevor Hall feat Luka Lesson
  5. What It’s Like – Everlast


Five Games

  1. LOL – League of Legends (Online)
  2. Sid Myer’s Civilization VI – (Steam)
  3. Fortune Street – (Wii)
  4. 52 Questions before Moving in Or Marriage – (Card)
  5. Cognitive Discovery Game – (Card)


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