S2E12 Bryne Pretends to Know

S2E12 Bryne Pretends to Know
April 7, 2017

Listener Challenge #24
Eat a super food each day this week.  Research and explore potential health benefits of garlic, avocado, pomegranates and other super foods on the mind.  Eat selected foods as is or perhaps mix them up in a smoothie.  Plan ahead.  Prepare foods for easy transport to work or play and have plenty on hand for this week’s listener challenge.

Book Talk Featuring Author Lynette Padwa’s
Everything You Pretend to Know and Are Afraid Someone Will Ask (1996)

Bryne and Lynnardo Discuss (Original Recording 2014.09.11)

  1. What is the difference between a Czar, Magnet and Mogul?
  2. How does an antiperspirant work?
  3. Can anyone form a cartel?
  4. What does the “Mach,” in Mach 2 mean?
  5. What happened to the four basic food groups?
  6. What is the Information Superhighway?
  7. What is a nervous breakdown?
  8. Does eating garlic make you healthy?

Announcements: 5L listener contest.  Record a 5L from one of the categories on the website.  Send audio file through Dropbox.  5 will be selected to produce and air on an upcoming show / New show format / Q&A episode soon.  Send in questions / Gratitude for those who support the show / Enjoy!