S2E15 Lynnardo’s Adventure Begins

April 27, 2017
S2E15 Lynnardo’s Adventure Begins

Listener Challenge #27
Apply critical thought to consciousness each day this week and ask, “What is consciousness?”  Investigate several ideas as answers are likely to vary from source to source.  Perform Google searches and chat with friends and family during the ingest stage of critical thought for this question.  Next reflect, “What does consciousness mean to me as an individual?”  Once thought has been given to outside perspectives as well as one’s own, modify. Create a new idea of consciousness which is a combination of thoughts from the ingest and reflect stages of critical thought.


Tim’s Tech Tip

          How to change a Podcast image through WordPress

Game Feature

League of Legends – All Random All Mid (ARAM)
A faster version of LOL’s Summoner’s Rift
Practice new champs and team fights through randomization

TV Show Feature

Amazing Race – Cable
Cousin on Season 29 – Matt Ladley Pro Snow boarder
Reality show where skills and team work are tested


Lynnardo’s Adventure Begins (Original Recording 2014.03.01)

  1. First recording of The 3H2 Humans Radio Show
  2. Thoughts on Startup Weekend Spokane 2013
  3. Replace (good/bad) with (helpful/harmful)
  4. Occupation Exploration Networking Event
  5. Buy time with a positive outlook
  6. How to encourage introverts in a group setting
  7. What is networking and how to optimize connections
  8. Lynnardo rambles about calendar holidays


Announcements:  Check out Amazing Race TV Show/ Gift review to 3H2 and Lynnardo will read it on the air /Flower arrangements available with limited supply / Cognitive Discovery Game / Gratitude for those who support the show / Enjoy!