S2E16 Mom Plays Cognitive Discovery Game

May 22, 2017
S2E16 Mom Plays Cognitive Discovery Game

Listener Challenge #28 – Changing Nature of Roles
Be conscious of role reversals within relationships. In particular, offer attention to the changing nature of parent and child relationships as well as employer and employee partnerships. Allow for the mentor role to be pliable and shift when needed.  Sometimes a child’s fresh and carefree perspective will help optimize a tense situation. Listen to intuition.  Be open minded and recognize when it’s time to lead, follow or get out of the way.



Mom Play’s Cognitive Discovery on Mother’s Day (Original Recording 2017.05.14)

  1. Why did I choose a path of Conscious Communication? (7 Spades)
  2. What are three things my Mom can do to help me? (3 Hearts)
  3. How can I simplify The Cognitive Discovery Game? (Jack Diamonds)
  4. “I didn’t play the game because the door was too big to open.”
  5. Mom encourages Lynnardo to replace wrong with complicated.
  6. “I’m not only your Mom, I’m your friend.”
  7. Mom teaches Lynnardo how to optimize the game.
  8. Mom’s advice, “Let go of the past, visualize new opportunity.”



Movie Feature
Dorfman in Love (2011)
Relatable physical/mental rapid transformation of Deb Dorfman


TV Show Feature
Genius – National Geographic (2017)
S1E2 Einstein’s struggle to conform within academia is relatable


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