S2E19 Potential Perspectives

June 28, 2017
S2E19 Potential Perspectives

Listener Challenge #31 – Question Systems of Organization
Behavior within certain parameters is expected from individuals as they blend within a group. For this week’s Listener Challenge, question one’s own behavior when blending with a group. Observe, why do so many people wear black stretchy pants with boots?  What are the rules for mailing an item to the County Jail? Explore the “Why,” behind procedures and cultural norms experienced through daily life. Question, “Are these rules optimized and consider scientific advances, or are they outdated and neglected by time?” Discover layers of potential behavior beyond blind obedience.  Question systems of organization.


Thought Seed Business
Lost Remedy – Skin Replenishing lotion
Keeps skin soft and moisturized through dry and hot summer days


Thought Seed Travel
Lake Los Carneros Park – Goleta CA
Adventured the grounds and volunteered at (3H2 type of) event


Broken Glass in the Night (Recorded Spokane WA 2014.06.24)

  1. The meaning of a word will change slightly from person to person
  2. Non-local communication experiments with plants
  3. Potential physical and mental reasons for sound in the night
  4. 3H2humans.com has about 20 visits per day
  5. We benefit today from other people’s work of the past
  6. Winding down after a one month CA road trip
  7. Mental consequences of hoarding physical objects
  8. Gentrification across the street with Kendall Yards construction


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