S3E0 Announcement

August 21, 2017
S3E0 Announcements

2016 New TV Show of the Year
Good Girls Revolt – Amazon
Historical drama highlights advantages of current tech revolution


Season III Announcements
~ Welcome friends! For news updates, visit our site 3h2humans.org

~ Season III begins September 11, 2017

~ Mind and Body adventure in Hood River Oregon 9/12/17 – 9/26/17

~ No longer working in an office, we will record on the road!
The first segment will explore mind and body wellness thought seeds.

~ Perspectives gained about the mind from Shotokan Karate
and the body from philosophy.
Who knows what will grow when a seed is planted?

~ We will ask questions such as, “What is energy work?” “How can I optimize health, happiness and a humble perspective?”
Be a part of the show and join us!

~ Schedule a meet in Hood River, an online chat or send questions about mind and body optimization to info@3h2humans.org.

~ Gratitude for those who support the show.  Donations and reviews are appreciated.

~ Enjoy!