S3E0 RB 10L Enjoyable Mentor Experience

August 24, 2017
S3E0 RB 10L Enjoyable Mentor Experience

Listener Challenge #06 – Be an Enjoyable Mentor

Embrace a Mentor Hamburgers layers of cognitive function. The three layers are above, equal too and below one’s own cognitive ability.  Increase neuronal connections and mastermind with people from different layers.  Offer focused, present moment awareness when interactions take place.  Be an enjoyable mentor on each level of the Mentor Hamburger and enjoy Pink Zone connections during this week’s listener challenge.


5 List Profound Cultural Items

  1. The Humbling River by Puscifer
  2. Forgive by Trevor Hall
  3. Russel Brand Awakened Man
  4. Burn cedar in the home
  5. Ananda College for Higher Consciousness


10L Enjoyable Mentor Experience (Recorded Spokane, WA. 2015.10.08)

  1. Retreat setting increases present moment awareness
  2. Unexpected validation felt through Pink Zone Communication
  3. Above average intelligence stimulates critical thought
  4. Primitive lens on life is relatable
  5. Destroyed known paradigms through antithesis of prior thought
  6. Comfort with the unknown aka a, “Tell me more,” mindset
  7. Attention to body language ques
  8. Combine exercise with cognition. Walk and talk.
  9. 3H2 Humans Classification: Alpha, Warrior, Gladiator, Jedi, (Healer)
  10. Play catch, gauge a mental connection through a physical object


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