S3E1 10L Measure a Mentor

September 11, 2017
S3E1 10L Measure a Mentor

Listener Challenge #33 – Measure a Mentor with Conscious Awareness
For this week, open up the mind and explore potential new mentors.  Listen to podcasts, read text, watch YouTube videos as a means to ingest a speaker’s perspective. Cross check media sources and reflect, “Is this person’s message within the Pink Zone?”  Once investigation of character is complete modify. Nurture beneficial thought seeds and discard Yellow Zone packaging from the mentor.  Who knows what will grow?

Thought Seed TV Show
Rick and Morty – Adult Swim (2013)
A delightful hybrid of thought reminiscent of South Park and Futurama



Thought Seed Movie
The Indigo Evolution – Gaia Channel (2006)
The Ingest phase of critical thought has begun for “Indigo Child,” concept


10L Measure a Mentor – (Recorded 2017.09.07 – Spokane, WA.)

  1. Monetization: Investigate a speaker’s products and endorsements.
  2. You: Scan published work for Pish Posh Elements. Is the word you, misused?
  3. Integrity: Does the person lead by example?
  4. 3H2 Human: Conscious focus on health, happiness and a humble perspective.
  5. Conscious Leadership: Is the mentor able to lead, follow and get out of the way?
  6. Visualize: Explore potential positions in the Mentor Hamburger.
  7. Pink Zone Tangible: Communicate in writing.
  8. Show Me Hiring: Establish real-time validation for leadership.
  9. Value: Negotiate per value, as opposed to per hour.
  10. Community: Gain Pink Zone understanding of person’s community.


Announcements: Welcome new listeners! Check out S2E11 Bryne Plays Cognitive Discovery Game / Hood River Trip change of plans – New focus on internal, rather than external well-being.  Overall concept and trip dates September 13 – 26 2017, remain the same.  / Send in questions related to well-being /Gratitude for those who support the show / Enjoy!