S3E3 Going Back to Cali

November 26, 2017
S3E3 Going Back to Cali

Listener Challenge #35 – Identify Needs of Others

For this week, identify the needs of others.  Offer conscious awareness towards basic needs of friends and family.  Explore differences and similarities between oneself and those within proximity.  Question, “How can I best promote health, happiness and a humble perspective during the holiday season and beyond?”  For house guests and visitors, become familiar with food, social and sleep habits which will assist in the comfort of others.  Be a 3H2 Human and thrive in a group setting.


Thought Seed Book
Principles – Ray Dalio
Discover one’s own basic life principles with guidance from a modern philosopher


Thought Seed Leader Event
Amit Goswami – East West Bookstore 2017.12.03
If in the CA Bay Area, reserve a seat to meet and explore with Amit Goswami in person


Going, Going, Back, Back, to Cali…..California! 2017.11.18

  1. 3H2 Humans relocates to Roseville CA
  2. Lynnardo explores potential catalysts for recent life changes
  3. Difficulties which accompany a wing in a sling
  4. Failure is a word to use sparingly as it often promotes growth
  5. Relationships in Spokane were mostly Yellow Zone
  6. 0% Pink Zone response rate from 10 fellow Radio Show hosts
  7. Comfort of family and loved ones in CA Bay Area
  8. A new adventure refreshes the soul


Announcements: Welcome new listeners! / Check out S1E2 Reflection Writing for encouragement to exercise critical thought and present moment awareness / 3H2 Humans will give away 2 tickets (to first person who responds to this post) to see Amit Goswami at The East West Bookstore / We would like to catch up with friends from the past, present and future. Contact us today info@3h2humans.org / Gratitude for those who support the show / Enjoy!