Business-Travel Additional Information

*****Businesses and Travel Additional Information*****

5L Spokane Hotels (S2E10)

  1. Best Western Plus – City Center
    Walkable location
    Recent Renovation
  1. Spokane Club – Riverside
    Boutique style rooms
    Fantastic view of River and Kendall Yards
    Time warp to the past
  1. Davenport Grand Hotel – Convention Center
    Elegant and sterile
    Casino feel without casino
    First year open
  1. CDA Resort – Lake Coeur d’Alene
    Comfortable and unique room architecture
    Mountain Lake environment
    Delightful Spa


  1. Hotel RL – Red Lion at the park
    Favorite Spokane Hotel
    Friendly staff
    Central location


5 Spokane Businesses (S1E14)

1. Veda Lux
Friendly and knowledgeable customer service
Quality recycled clothing
Local Spokane business

2. Greencastle Soap
Learn how to create soap
Large variety of supplies
Local Spokane business

3. 20 Miles North Web Design
Reasonable prices
Knowledgeable web design
Difficult to communicate with designer

4. The Lands Council
Improves eco-system
Organization of beneficial events
Local Spokane business

5. Aunties Bookstore
Vintage Bookstore feel
Fun to browse books in person
Local Spokane business


5L Favorable Products (S1E13)

  1. Hansen’s Natural Soda
    No high-fructose corn syrup
    Variety of flavors
    More satisfying, drink less than other sodas


  1. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus
    Paperback easier to focus than electronic
    Extra effort to look up by hand results in deep processing
    Add words to vocabulary which are unfamiliar


  1. Lake Missoula Tea Company
    Enjoyable starter setup of lose leaf tea and steeper
    Wise and conscious staff
    Wide variety of tea and blends


  1. Midnight Oil Soap Company
    Knowledgeable staff with blunt communication
    Experimental nature, admitted when product was new
    Soothing, natural way to clean body


  1. Progressive food containers
    Keeps veggies fresh through water drainage
    Encourages healthy food choices
    Stack-able, easy to clean