Games Additional Information

*****Games Additional Information*****

5L Games II (S2E9)

  1. LOL – League of Legends (Online)
    Modern, multiplayer strategy similar to chess
    Fantasy themed
    Challenge to master game play
  1. Sid Myer’s Civilization VI – (Steam)
    Upgrade from Civilization V
    Build specialized districts
    Historically accurate
  1. Fortune Street – (Wii)
    Monopoly style game
    Fun with multiple players
    Many layers to strategy
  1. 52 Questions before Moving in or Marriage – (Card)
    Evokes present moment conversations
    Explore a loved one’s desires
    Share viewpoints on life issues
  1. Cognitive Discovery Game – (Card)
    Expand vocabulary
    Create neuronal connections through randomization
    Practice critical thought


5L Fun Games I (S1E13)

  1. Heroes of Might and Magic III (PC-CD)
    Solo brain snack adventure
    Fantasy themed
    High replay ability
  1. Sid Myers Civilization V (PC-Steam)
    Accurate portrayal of history and human cultures
    Pleasurable graphics
    Multi-dimensional game play (Easy-Hard)
  1. Dokapon Kingdom (Wii)
    Multi player duel of wit
    Fantasy role play mixed with board game
    Unpredictable / randomized game play
  1. Timeline Diversity (Mini Cards)
    Discuss historical events and inventions
    Portable and easy to learn
    Present moment group entertainment
  1. Geocaching (Live Action)
    Live action, encourages outdoor adventure
    Evokes primitive senses, enjoy simple pleasure
    Human treasure hunt