Listener Challenge


Listener Challenge
January 5, 2018

LC #36 – Engage Fundamental Creativity
S3E4 2017.12.20

For this week, engage fundamental creativity a little bit each day. There are many ways a person can be creative.  Fundamental creativity involves a free form approach to the creative process.  Instead of following another person’s lead, alter the environment according to one’s own, unique perspective.  Creation on this level can be complex to involve a new theory, or something simple like cleaning out the pantry or free hand drawing.  Be a 3H2 Human and transform an idea into art!


LC #35 – Identify Needs of Others
S3E3 2017.11.26

For this week, identify the needs of others.  Offer conscious awareness towards basic needs of friends and family.  Explore differences and similarities between oneself and those within proximity.  Question, “How can I best promote health, happiness and a humble perspective during the holiday season and beyond?”  For house guests and visitors, become familiar with food, social and sleep habits which will assist in the comfort of others.  Be a 3H2 Human and thrive in a group setting.


LC #34 – Jellyfish!
S3E2 2017.10.05

For this week, Jellyfish at least once a day to assist with body alignment. How to Jellyfish?  It’s easy, dangle arms gently, wiggle toes and fingers and float through the room like a jellyfish at sea.  Begin with slow, easy, fluid movement and build up to grand gestures of silly sea creature behavior.  Intuition guides, as a sense of freedom is felt to move the body into alignment.


LC#33 – Measure a Mentor with Conscious Awareness
S3E1 2017.09.11

For this week, open up the mind and explore potential new mentors.  Listen to podcasts, read text, watch YouTube videos as a means to ingest a speaker’s perspective. Cross check media sources and reflect, “Is this person’s message within the Pink Zone?”  Once investigation of character is complete modify. Nurture beneficial thought seeds and discard Yellow Zone packaging from the mentor.  Who knows what will grow?


LC #32 – Wall Hanging Clear Out
S2E20 2017.07.06

Remove pictures, clocks and pieces of art from walls within the home during this week’s listener challenge. Gather the items in one room and organize them into three piles; keep, donate and rubbish.  With conscious awareness, re-hang items from the “keep,” pile. Aim to minimize pictures of people and be sensitive towards how wall art impacts guests who visit.       


LC#31 – Question Systems of Organization
S2E19 2017.06.29

Behavior within certain parameters is expected from individuals as they blend within a group. For this week’s Listener Challenge, question one’s own behavior when blending with a group. Observe, why do so many people wear black stretchy pants with boots?  What are the rules for mailing an item to the County Jail? Explore the “Why,” behind procedures and cultural norms experienced through daily life. Question, “Are these rules optimized and consider scientific advances, or are they outdated and neglected by time?” Discover layers of potential behavior beyond blind obedience.  Question systems of organization.


LC #30 – Expel Bottled Energy
S2E18 2017.06.13

Release tension held deep within the mind and body.  Laugh out loud with pride, cry tears of sorrow and break a sweat through vigorous exercise.  Like a valve, these three actions release bottled energy held within the mind.  For a physical tune up, consider massage techniques used to remove knots and yoga stretches which release muscle tensions within the body.  For this week, focus attention towards stress release techniques of positive energy transfer.  Open up those chakras!


LC #29 – Focus on the Fridge
S2E17 2017.06.03

Completely empty out and clean the refrigerator at home and work.  Throw away expired and unused food items.  Organize the remaining contents by department and frequency of use.  Place healthy, fresh food options at eye level.  Allow this to be a week-long event.  Purchase healthy options which can be prepared in advance for grab and go convenience. (Bring re-usable bags to grocery store)


LC #28 Sway With a Changing Nature of Roles
S2E16 2017.05.22

Be conscious of role reversals within relationships. In particular, offer attention to the changing nature of parent and child relationships as well as employer and employee partnerships. Allow for the mentor role to be pliable and shift when needed.  Sometimes a child’s fresh and carefree perspective will help optimize a tense situation. Listen to intuition.  Be open minded and recognize when it’s time to lead, follow or get out of the way.


LC #27 What is Consciousness?
S2E15 2017.04.27

Apply critical thought to consciousness each day this week and ask, “What is consciousness?”  Investigate several ideas as answers are likely to vary from source to source.  Perform Google searches and chat with friends and family during the ingest stage of critical thought for this question.  Next reflect, “What does consciousness mean to me as an individual?”  Once thought has been given to outside perspectives as well as one’s own, modify. Create a new idea of consciousness which is a combination of thoughts from the ingest and reflect stages of critical thought.


LC #26 Investigate and Organize
S2E14 2017.04.20

 Investigate new Radio Shows and organize areas of the home during this week’s listener challenge.  Explore unfamiliar shows.  Dive-in to broadcasts which have never been listened to before. Have a favorite author or thought leader?  Enter their name in the search field of ITunes, Stitcher and other audio on demand apps.  While listening to the new show, clean out and organize parts of the home. Start with junk drawers and work up to entire rooms.  Be productive and expose the mind to novel perspectives of others.


LC #25 Dive in to subconscious processing
S2E13 2017.04.12

Dive-in to subconscious processing! Offer conscious attention towards minimization of anxiety each day this week.  Jump off the diving board and confront one aspect of life which evokes fear. Once a fear or challenge is understood, a solution will surface. Be conscious to remove thoughts of good and bad and wrong and right. Instead, focus on the subconscious process which motivates a particular feeling. Take action towards removal of the anxiety.  Small steps each day this week, will lead to peace of mind next week.


LC #24 Research and Explore Super Foods
S2E12 2017.04.07

Eat a super food each day this week.  Research and explore potential health benefits of garlic, avocado, pomegranates and other super foods on the mind.  Eat selected foods as is or perhaps mix them up in a smoothie.  Plan ahead.  Prepare foods for easy transport to work or play and have plenty on hand for this week’s listener challenge.


LC #23 Watch The Lego Movie
S2E11 2017.04.03

Watch The Lego Movie (2014), to discover hidden meaning beyond a surface level of entertainment. View the movie from a writer’s perspective and explore, “What messages are woven into the plot line?” “Do I identify with any of the characters?” Discuss new found ideas with others.


LC #22 Create a Chart Card
S2E10 2017.03.28

Super Boost productivity, create a chart card!  In other words, measure task progress in simple terms of complete or incomplete on a 3×5 lined notecard.  On the very left side of the card, write six actions desired to complete on a daily basis.  Choose three health categories such as jog or eat fresh veggies and three profession categories such as update website and clear inbox.  At the top of the card mark Thu, Fri, Sat and all the days of the week to include the date. Next, draw lines to create a grid with categories of action of the left and the date at the top.  Mark a line inside corresponding boxes when a task is complete.

(For an example of a chart card sign up to the 3H2 Humans Newsletter.  Enjoy!)


LC #21 Present Moment Awareness
S2E9 2017.02.13

Spend this week with focus on present moment awareness.  Offer extra attention towards objects in the room and specific words exchanged through conversation and media.  When out and about in public look to the sky. Scan for surveillance cameras inside and out as a means to focus on the present moment.  While in the car, seek to identify traffic cameras and exterior forms of monitoring.  While in doors, count and note the style of cameras observable.  Explore, how can I increase present moment awareness?


LC #20 Pink Zone Activity
S2E6 2016.11.27

At the next family event, set up a Pink Zone family activity.  Play a game like Timeline or build a gingerbread house as a group.  Embrace a present moment mindset when visiting with family and friends over the holidays.  Minimize media sensationalized topics, TV time and gossip about others.  Learn who people are today as opposed to preconceived notions of the past.  Create a positive environment which encourages interaction and critical thought within a family unit.  Laugh, play and be merry with loved ones.  Time is precious.  Engage in Pink Zone family fun!


LC #19 Give What is Desired
S2E5 2016.11.09

Give a gift which is desired.  If a person requests others to act and be diligent with their time, is the person who requests the action diligent with their time as well? To give what is desired is to practice what it preached. When put into action, this perspective can produce profound learning experiences. When a vantage point is witnessed from a give perspective rather than receive, new insights into how a system operates will be revealed. View a desire from both sides of the coin, give which is desired.


LC #18 Clean Windows
S2E4 2016.08.23

Clean windows inside and outside. House windows, car windows.  Become consciously aware of windows and glass structures within the environment.  Ponder, “When was the last time I deep cleaned these windows?”  Dedicate time each day this week to vacuum window sills, scrub off water stains and wash glass.  Once clean, develop a system of for regular maintenance.  For example, wash the car windows each time gas is pumped. Multitask when possible. Work with the family unit to establish individual and group accountability.  Visualize a clear future through clean the windows.


LC #17 Present Moment Language
S2E3 2016.08.01

When communicating with others, be conscious of present moment stimuli. If in person, focus on objects in the room or anticipated areas of business to cover.  Minimize stories from the past. Use stories within thirty days.  Humans change rapidly. Relay ideas from a present moment mindset to increase present moment language.  To relay a story from several years ago gives an appearance of few events in-between worth speaking about.  Practice what is preached. Be in the moment. Introspect, explore, “Who am I today as opposed to past or future versions of myself?”

LC #16 Clear Alerts and Notifications
S2E2 2016.07.27

Give attention to alerts, unread emails, notifications and memory devices near maximum capacity.  Start fresh.  Start over.  Complete pending requests and question irrelevant information on devices. Ask, “What do I need to function?” Tap on alerts to remove them. Turn off push notifications which hinder productivity.  Silent phone when in public or at work.  Clean out all email inboxes. Leave items which require action and batch respond at one time. Unsubscribe from undesired advertisements.  Clear podcasts which have ceased to download due to inactivity. Optimize function of frequently used devices.


LC #15 Spring Clean Home Adventure
S2E1 2016.07.21

Regardless of the time of year, the present moment offers a great time for a spring cleaning adventure! Similar to a treasure hunt with hidden items, a closet will become a treasure chest of forgotten and lost possessions. While on adventure around the home, dig deep into nooks and crannies neglected by time. Sort with three piles, keep, toss and donate. Once the closet is clean and items sorted and dealt with, tackle the next closet or neglected room full of junk. Keep two things in mind, work clockwise and keep moving. Enjoy!


LC #14 Donate & Review an Ad Free Podcast
S1E14 2016.04.20

Donate to and review a podcast which does not have advertisements or sponsorship. Offer a significant amount, equal to one night at a hotel or so. Give back to those who provide and contribute to the free content pool of information.  Expedite access to modern education values for society as a whole.  Encourage those who give a piece of themselves to the world. Inspire educators to continue with their calling.

Action: Review a humble podcast with three thought seeds to represent areas done well and three to relay suggested improvements.  Share six ideas with a thought leader. Contribute to the podcasters forward momentum. Donate ($100 approx.)


LC #13 Be a Conscious Driver
S1E13 2016.03.07

Explore the ten list, Helpful Driving Habits for S1E13.  Many continuums of automobile behavior and theories of behavior are presented in episode 13.  Explore, which ideas are relevant towards ones own daily life habits? Be a conscious driver. When on the road, allow present moment awareness skills to shine. Reciprocate kindness to fellow drivers and express empathy when viewing others short falls.

Action: For one week, drive with conscious awareness.  Minimize distractions, drive defensively and leave earlier than needed.  Be mindful of items in the ten list for S1E13.  Experiment with the items on the list during this week.  Optimize the vehicle, mind and body.


LC #12 Fight For Community Well-Being
S1E12 2016.02.03

Fight for community well-being.  Go for a walk around the neighborhood at various times of day, and days of the week.  Identify potential areas of improvement. For example, high color temperature streetlights, over filled public trash cans and other small yet significant issues which effect the community.  Write to city council and local government.  Take action, fight for community health, happiness and humble perspective.

Action: This week, identify, articulate and relay a suggestion for community improvement.  Identify a neglected thought process within a neighborhood.  Articulate the problem and at least two viable solutions.  Relay the articulation to a business owner, city employee or other appropriate person.  Identify, articulate, relay.

LC #11 Daily Supplement Goals
S1E11 2016.01.07

Keep tract of daily supplement goals on a 3×5 notecard. Daily supplement goals are habits or things which boost progress towards health, happiness and a humble perspective. Think of tiny tasks which build in magnitude with repetition.  For example, floss, vitamin supplements, exercise, meditation and house hold chores are a great place to start. Conjure up a list of five or so valued, supplement goals.

Action: For this week, keep tract of daily supplement goals on a 3×5 notecard. The notecard can be cut in half, or thirds. On the left side up and down, list goal items. On the top of the card, left to right, write the date for today, and the next five to seven days.  Draw lines from top to bottom and side to side. Create a grid.  Mark off boxes for completed items each day.


LC #10 Bring Bags
S1E10 2015.12.22

Bring re-usable bags when out and about in the world.  Use these bags for food, hardware, clothes, house wares, and other gathered items. Vendors often appreciate this overhead decreasing gesture of sustainability.  To bring bags is a win win for the shop keeper and the consumer.  Reusable bags tend to be sturdy and easier to maneuver than plastic or paper bags.  Imagine all the waste which will be saved.

Action: Bring re-usable bags when out and about.  Keep at least five in the car at all times.  Many sizes, durability and colors exist for sale at most stores.  Select ideal bags for daily shopping needs. The bags are inexpensive, stock up if needed and keep a few sets of bags in the car, by the door or other places they will be remembered.

LC #09 Adventure Walk
S1E9 2015.12.04

Adventure cures the body, calms the mind and encourages forward momentum.  If stuck in the middle of a task or simply need a break from current stimuli, go for an adventure walk.  Leave the house on foot and allow intuition to do the rest.  Give attention to the present moment.  Silence phone, turn off music, remove headphones and tap into primitive animal instincts.  Kindly acknowledge those who pass by.


LC #08 Prepare Basic Needs
S1E8 2015.11.29

Be mindful of what basic needs include.  Explore internal and external factors.  When basic needs are met, a person is mentally and physically more able to help others.  Prepare for a natural disaster.  Become familiar with household systems and machines.  Where are the gas and water shutoffs?  The breaker box?  Keep extra supplies on hand to include food, water and supplies. Assist neighbors in need.


LC #07 Replicate a Positive Scenario
S1E7 2015.10.27

Positivity creates more positivity.  Replicate a positive scenario while out and about.  Hold doors open for others, assist elderly and children, contribute to a positive environment. Display present moment awareness through random acts of kindness. Explore, “How have other people created a positive scenario for me?”  “How can I offer others a similar random act of compassion?”


LC #06 Be an Enjoyable Mentor
S1E6 2015.10.08

Embrace a Mentor Hamburgers three layers of cognition.  Be an enjoyable mentor on each level.  The levels are above, equal and below ones own cognitive ability. Brainstorm, mastermind with people from different layers and backgrounds.  Be willing to learn and grow from those who seem to be below.  They too have something interesting to say.  Offer focused, present moment awareness when interacting.


LC #05 Valentines Day Each Month
S1E5 2015.09.11

Dream as tough Valentine’s Day is celebrated twelve times a year, once a month.  Be creative with this listener challenge.  If living solo, pick one day a month for self-pampering and an escape from the norm.  If in a couple or family situation, offer gratitude towards partners and loved ones who appear on a regular basis. Pick one reoccurring day in the month to celebrate Valentines twelve times a year.


LC #04 Egg Yolk Hour a Day
S1E4 2015.07.10

One hour a day, for seven days, improve something within the home environment.  Allow the activity to be outside, involve movement, and forward progress towards a goal.  If living in an apartment or prefer to be out, pick up garbage at a park or near a river, spring cleaning in the fall…or whenever season it may be.  The objective is to be outside and somehow improve the setting and oneself.


LC #03 Write a 10L Benefits to Opt Out of Social Media
S1E3 2015.05.03

Write a ten list which outlines benefits of opting out of social media.  How can time be spent in productive ways beyond the computer? Social Media is designed to take a snap shot of a person within the moment.  Once the moment passes, the stimuli remains the same.  People change rapidly.  Allow for rapid evolution, minimize static ideas and a static online presence.  Mix it up.  Opt out of social media.


LC #02 Write 90 pages in 90 days
S1E2 2015.04.29

Challenge the mind and body.  Produce words on the page on a regular basis, a daily habit if possible. Write 90 pages in 90 days. Open a new word document and save it with a motivational name and the 90 day date range. For the first time with this challenge, focus more on page count than substance of words.  Free flow thoughts.  Jump around ideas, ponder one problem for days, whatever the case may be, write, write, write.

LC #01 Goldie Lox Zone
S1E1 2015.04.26

Be Mindful of the Goldie Lox Zone.  What is the GLZ?  It is a special place of balance and harmony.  Shoes which fit just right, an ideal room to study, these are Goldie Lox Zone mindsets.  They occur when variables within the environment are comfortable, ideal.  Explore ways to increase the number of balanced and harmonious situations within ones life.  How can zones of pleasure be reached alone and with others?