Mentor and Book Additional Information

*****Mentor and Book Additional Information*****

5L Thought Seed Leaders  (S2E2)

1.Charles Duhigg – The Power of Habit (2012)
(Podcast episode) Getting Things Done – David Allen (2015.07.17)

#5 Daily Habits with Charles Duhigg

Well Done

  1. Charles approach to education is similar when compared to 3H2 Humans
  2. Small changes today will greatly impact tomorrow
  3. Critical thought insight into real world examples


2.Charlie Hoehn – Play It Away (2014)
The Psychology Podcast – Scott Barry Kaufman (2016.05.31)

Reducing Anxiety Through Play with Charlie Hoehn

Well Done

  1. Charlie relays benefits associated with adventure meetings
  2. Complicated moments of success are revealed
  3. Discusses animalistic needs of humans such as play


3.Sara Gottfried – The Hormone Cure (2013)
The Health Bridge – Pedram Shojai (2014.08.11)

Starting the 100 Day Gong: The Weigh-in with Sara Gottfried

Well Done

  1. Sara relays medical advice the average person can ingest
  2. A Genuine, gritty, tenacious personality shines through her work
  3. Leads by example (100 Day Gong Podcast)


4.Simon Singh – The Simpsons Mathematical Secrets (2013)
Inquiring Minds – Indre Viskontas & Kishore Hari (2013.11.21)

#10 Simon Singh – How The Simpsons Have Secretly Been Teaching You Math

Well Done

  1. Simons dedication towards his life passion is felt
  2. This book combines complex mathematical equations with pop culture
  3. Layout of this book offers critical thought exercises through exams


5.Dan John – Never Let Go (2009)
Rdella Training – Scott Iardella (2015.11.18)

RT 147 Dan John – Before We Go, Training Tips, And How to be a Great Writer

Well Done

  1. Dan offers practical, down to Earth advice for everyday people
  2. This book is a well-rounded life manual for people who desire warrior status
  3. Dans approach to health is similar when compared to 3H2 Humans


5L WSU Instructor Lessons Learned (S2E2)

Alexander Spradlin – Psychology

  1. Benefits of simplified instruction
  2. Behind the scenes of academic psychology nuances
  3. When to fight and when to flee in terms of social justice


Faith Lutze – Criminal Justice

  1. Introduction to Saving Bernice
  2. Humble approach to education
  3. Conscious attention towards a difference between girls and women


Samantha Swindell – Psychology

  1. Benefit to double check perceived truths for evidence of validity
  2. The WSU psychology curriculum lacks encouragement of critical thought
  3. Destroyed faith in Washington State Universitys academic system


Brandon Bang – Criminal Justice

  1. Passionate, blunt, genuine approach to education
  2. Life applicable and thought provoking assignments
  3. Lectures promote critical thought and entertain


David Makin – Criminal Justice

  1. Awareness towards positive and negative effects of gentrification
  2. To understand both sides of an argument before a conclusion is reached
  3. Restored faith in Washington State University’s academic system


5L Books Unique Perspective (S1E12)

1) The Quantum Doctor – Amit Goswami (2004)
Amit Goswami is the Yoda of our generation. He offers passionate, wise, self-actualized and humble instruction. The Quantum Doctor explains health from an interdisciplinary perspective. The reader is encouraged to explore infinite potential and reach their own conclusions when an ideal form of health care is selected. Learn about chakras, stress on the mind and body as well as other variables commonly overlooked when health is examined solely through one discipline.

2) Science Set Free – Rupert Sheldrake (2012)
Paradigms of the past, effect perceived validity of scientific discoveries of the present. Science Set Free explains which paradigms are ready for a change, ready to become history and allow for innovation to take hold. Rupert Sheldrake offers a ten list of mind blowing theories worth investigation. Regardless of current dogmas and ideologies, ingest this book with an open mind now, to encourage a conscious existence later. Set science free.

3) Saving Bernice – Jody Raphael (2000)
Saving Bernice explains a complicated life of one woman over several years. This book was included in The Washington State Universitys Criminal Justice curriculum circa 2013. Intimate details of her thoughts and actions are explored through journal entries by Bernice and psychological insights from Jody. This book offers a healthy look into an unhealthy life. Learn how to help woman who walk a similar path as Bernice. To understand this path, walk a few steps in her shoes. Read her words.

4) Kokology – Isamu Saito, Tadahiko Nagao (1998)
A fun, coffee table and party book is Kokology. Similar to a book of riddles, Kokology offers brain stimulation, but with a twist. The book consists of multiple choice questions and answers, drawing tasks and other creative ways to reach a Pink Zone understanding with game participants. What color is a bird which randomly appears on the window sill? Does it sing? Ponder this question and others through Kokologys simplistic, yet powerful design.

5) The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert – Richard K. Betts (2013)
Wine tasting, wine bars, wine chat and still the majority of sippers remain confused. The Essential guide teaches the history of wine, types of wine grapes and explores aromas in a fun and thought provoking way, via scratch and sniff. Several of the six senses are encouraged to enjoy this journey. The back of the book includes a wheel of characteristics paired with a wine name. Like fruity and dry? How about dark and sweet? Smell the concepts, sip wine and become a connoisseur!