Movie Additional Information

*****Movie Additional Information*****

Season II Episode 1

1) Inside Out – (2015)
Inside Out presents an accurate depiction of human emotions on a chemical, molecular and hormonal level.  In a playful way, ground breaking theories of human cognition are explored.  If a person were to grasp its basic concepts, they would have been considered a scholar fifty years ago.  Inside Out presents a comical and pleasurable visual aid for those, like me, who are curious about human memory.  Complex concepts are explained more clearly than many University textbooks and include, what memories are, how memory works, and how emotions are stored with memory. Also, how emotions within the moment effect how memories are catalogued in the mind.  For some learning fun, go Inside Out.


2) Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck – (2015)
Dip into the adolescent life of creative artist Kurt Cobain.  True to its name, this film is a montage of drawings, videos, pictures and interviews with those who knew Kurt.  Through creative expression, his childhood until death is masterfully articulated.   Safely explore a silent, mental roller coaster deep within the mind of a genius.  Whether Kurt is known or unknown, loved or other, Montage of Heck is worth a peek.


3) Star Wars: Episode VII- The Force Awakens – (2015)
Now streaming, Episode VII, The Force Awakens, brings Jedi masters back into mass media, main stream consciousness.  This film features a strong female lead and throw back cast members from the original 70s and 80s series.  There is a healthy balance of action, story, plot and intrigue.  The costumes and monsters lure the audience to a Star Wars world. Sit back, relax, snuggle up and watch this movie from the comfort of home if it were missed in the theatre.


4) Straight Outta Compton – (2015)
Straight Outta Compton depicts an inside, behind the scenes look into the lives of several influential American artists who became well known years later.  Fuzzy memories flash half-truths as I think back to my childhood, the early nineties in the CA Bay Area.  Nearly a decoy, O’Shea Jackson Jr. plays a lead role as his father, Ice Cube. The overnight success theory commonly associated with fame is debunked, as sacrifice and struggle are a center of focus in Straight Outta Compton. Well rounded, this movie provides moments of action, comedy and drama.


5) The Big Short – (2015)
The financial crisis of 2008 is understood differently, on different levels depending on whom is asked.  The Big Short teaches as it entertains.  Fundamental players and plays are revealed as a part of the story.  Through the use of metaphor and simple explanations, subprime mortgages and other financial specific vocabulary can be ingested, reflected and modified to update paradigms of thought. Consider, what happened in 2008 to burst the housing bubble?  Will future generations face a similar financial crisis?  Finances affect us in different ways.  The Big Short explains how.


*****TV Show Additional Information*****

Season II Episode 5

 5L Cable TV

  1. Hallmark Movies and Mysteries (2004)
    Friendly atmosphere with set and setting
    Challenges norm created through blockbuster meta
    Light hearted with positive domino’s
  1. Superstore (2015)
    Portrays behind the scenes of retail
    Cast flows well together
    Culturally relevant witty humor
  1. Jeopardy! (1964)
    Present moment brain snacks
    Displays Pink Zone Communication
    Re-watch as memory test for answers known
  1. Major League Baseball (1939)
    Universal consciousness athletic ability
    Join a Pink Zone of enjoyment with a loved one
    Analyze team and individual game play
  1. Mr. Robot (2015)
    Tantalized by unpredictable plot line
    Similar confusion as 3H2 Humans upon discovery
    Philosophical thought seeds planted when analyzed


Season II Episode 4


5L Leading Lady TV

  1. Halt and Catch Fire – (2014)
    Cameron poses a relatable perspective of leadership
    Accurate timeline of technology growth
    Displays many depths of a creative process
  1. Jessica Jones – (2015)
    Jessica poses a relatable perspective of awareness
    Scenes are well thought out with specific detail
    Emotions of an introvert explored
  1. Being Mary Jane – (2013)
    Mary Jane poses a relatable perspective of journalism
    Behind the scenes viewpoint of broadcasting
    Celebrity with everyday life challenges explored
  1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – (2015)
    Kimmy poses a relatable perspective of modern cultural ignorance
    Optimism and trust is a guiding force of Kimmy’s behavior
    Cast of characters hilarious and well developed
  1. Don’t Trust the B**** in Apt 23 – (2012)
    Chloe poses a relatable perspective of compassion
    Explores deep levels behind seemingly negative behavior
    James Van Der Beek as himself is genius

Season II Episode 3

5L Fantasy TV

  1. Dead Like Me (2003)
    Fantasy perspective towards the after life
    Positive vibe of cast together
    Thought provoking and well written scenes
  1. Star Trek Enterprise (2001)
    Fantasy perspective towards space travel
    Explores cultural controversies through space theme
    Fantasy fun for a family to watch together
  1. The 4400 (2004)
    Fantasy perspective towards alien abduction
    Intrigue sparked through un Earthly abilities
    Plot development moves at enjoyable pace
  1. My Name is Earl (2005)
    Fantasy perspective towards the power of karma
    Overcame negative stigma and watched with open mind
    Cause and effect on an energy (consciousness) level
  1. Quantum Leap (1989)
    Fantasy perspective towards quantum possibilities
    Sam displays Pink Zone ability to live in another’s shoes
    Many perspectives of individual culture explored


Season I Episode 14

5 Enjoyable TV Shows  

1) Mozart and The Jungle (2014)
Available for free with Amazon Prime, Mozart and The Jungle is a witty, well written show about the New York symphony.  Emotions are explored as characters battle with internal and external challenges.  How much will they sacrifice in order to play the venue of dreams?  To become a professional musician requires hours and sacrifice.  Mozart and The Jungle nudges the average person to explore an exotic life of music.

2) Ray Donovan (2013)
Ray Donovan is a fixer for the elite in Southern California.  If a client has a problem with a sleazy limo driver, gunshot wound or any other less than typical situation, Ray Donovan will figure out a solution.  The show is has action, suspense, comedy and drama.  There are a few over the top sex and violent scenes, but overall, hours spent in sunny California with Ray provide a unique perspective into the life of a fixer.

3) Gortimer Gibbons (2014)
Every now and then I like PG fun.  An escape from violence and gratuitous sex.  Gortimer Gibbons provides a gentle Sunday evening experience.  Similar to scary TV shows of the past, Normal Street is filled with paranormal fun. A group of childhood friends investigate unusual occurrences in the neighborhood.  If in the mood for family entertainment, Gortimer Gibbons is worth a peek.

4) Girls (2012)
Life as a twenty-something is tough.  The show Girls, depicts the life of several early lifers as they navigate emotions and actions in New York City. Hannah, played by Lena Dunham, is an aspiring writer who faces road blocks as she pursues her creative passion.  Friends, family, lovers, strangers, all who meet Hannah are changed in somehow and some way.  Take a leap, learn from the characters on Girls.

5) Togetherness (2015)
If Girls marked a notch for insights into the lives of twenty somethings, Togetherness depicts the lives of those a bit older, more mature, at least in age.  Most of us have been there, unsure of what to do when life hands over big, unexpected changes.  This show explores early midlife with fun and flair.  The scripts create a world of confused and complicated emotions mixed with comedy.  Join the fun, sleep on the couch.