June 2, 2017

***California road-trip May 23 – June 9th***

Live in California?  Contact 3H2 Humans while we are in the state.

Also, send questions for the upcoming Q&A episode.


***Thank you to all who attended the 3H2 Spokane Chiefs night on 2/25/17!***

Many deep belly laughs were had at David’s pizza and the game.  We look forward to next years event.

We have tickets available for several of the upcoming Chiefs Games.

If interested, email for complimentary tickets.

Diligence Today = A Thriving Community Tomorrow


***3H2 Humans Grand Opening Celebration!***
Office Space in The Liberty Building Located Above Aunties Bookstore Downtown Spokane

We have much gratitude for Brent Looyenga’s artistic vision of the event.  Take a peek at his blog and client page

Pictures of the event:

Blog Post:





Thought Seed Packets from Others



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