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June 2, 2017

Local Artist Spotlight – Season II Episode 5
November 9, 2016

I first visited Cassi with hopes to switch my hair from bleached with rainbow colors, to a solid black with bangs and a peppy, shorter length.  Through Pink Zone Communication, Cassi explained insights into a few options to change up my look. After some time had passed, I stood up to examine the artwork atop my head.

A vision we discussed turned out to be even better than expected once the upgrade was complete. Cassi’s combination of passion and skill offered great value as time and money were well spent. I felt rejuvenated, as a new woman ready to tackle any obstacles along the way. If there is a desire for a fresh new look, visit Cassi at Mosaic Salon and Spa in Spokane.

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Local Artist Spotlight  –  Season II Episode 4
August 23, 2016
Dorothy Fowler

An artistic vision of Dorothy Fowler, holds great significance within 3H2 Humans. This is the story…I was living in Pullman at the time and headed to a Startup weekend event in Spokane. I needed a business card to exchange with others but did not have one. To find inspiration for the card, I explored the tree filled trails of River Front Park. After a few hours and several dead ends, I stumbled upon the eight foot tall Michael P. Anderson bronze statue sculpted by Dorothy Fowler.

It spoke to me on a deep level which is rarely experienced. Michael wore a fuzzy animal hat put there by a passerby. The odd combination of a serious astronaut in a funny hat brought a smile to my face. I placed the Tricky Treasure trinket on the statue and snapped a picture. That shot ended up on the 3H2 Humans business card which was handed out the following weekend. It’s true Michael, dreams do become a reality with diligent action.  Thank you.

Dorothy & Michaels vision:

Local Artist Spotlight  –  Season II Episode 3
August 1, 2016
Duncan Gardens Manito Park, Spokane WA

In the early hours of sunrise, magic is present within the solitary environment of Duncan Gardens. I become captivated by the European Renaissance vibe and stillness of the pristine plants within the grounds. Often, the morning hours of my daily routine include an adventure jog through Manito Park. A few miles from my house I enter this garden of meticulously cared for and geometrically accurate flowers. Consequently, thoughts on my mind fade as a sense of peace is shared with the environment. Explore magic and mystery within Manito Park. For more Duncan info, visit:

Local Artist Spotlight – Season II Episode 2
July 27, 2016
Brent Looyenga

After months of looking for a photographer who was a compatible fit with 3H2 Humans, I stumbled upon Looyenga Photography. Brent offered quick, intelligent and customer focused responses to my several detailed inquiries. Mustacio was pleased with his business format as he offers most photos from the session as opposed to purchasing individual favorites. During the photo shoot, Brent displayed a passionate and knowledgeable artistic vision. This was our first professional photo shoot. Brent kept us comfortable and laughing which produced wonderfully authentic photos.

Mustacio and I are pleased with the photo results and plan to hire Looyenga Photography in the future.

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Local Artist Spotlight  –  Season II Episode 1
July 10, 2016
Travis Chapman

Local Artist Travis Chapman was featured in The Liberty Building summer 2016 show. This was the first time I viewed his unique style of culture representation. Many of his paintings are of pop culture figures mixed with other themes to include some with a Spokane themed background. 3H2 Humans purchased his, “Genius is as a genius does,” painting. Masterfully crafted is an image a man who is a cross between Einstein and Forest Gump. The man has wild hair, holds a box of chocolates and sits on a bench which is meticulously drawn.  Perhaps it is because a genius does as a genius wants to do, there exists an aspect of genius to consider?

Enter the world of Travis Chapman: