S1E7 10L Pish Posh Words II

3H2 Humans
Mastermind Symposium of Infinite Possibility
S1E7 October 27, 2015
10L Pish Posh Words II
LC Replicate a Positive Scenario

Listener Challenge #07
Positive action tends to create more positive actions. Replicate a positive scenario while out and about. Hold doors open for others, assist elderly and children, contribute to a positive environment. Display present moment awareness through random acts of kindness. Explore, “How have people created a positive scenario for me?” “How may I offer others a similar random act of compassion?”

10L Pish Posh Words II

  1.  Speak in a pink zone shared reality
  2.  Ingest, reflect and modify for deep level, stimuli processing
  3.  Examine self-described tenses (I, my, we, us, *you)
  4.  Tell me more Vs No it’s not
  5. Language beyond words
  6.  Explore the self
  7.  Front load pertinent detail when speaking
  8.  Oil and Water Consciousness Phenomenon
  9.  Headline Impact
  10.  20 Pish Posh Words worth conscious attention
    1. You 2. Can’t 3. Should 4. Make 5. Sorry 6. Try 7. They 8. Actually 9. Obviously 10. Finally 11. Clearly 12. Girls 13. Impossible 14. Regret 15. Lonely 16. Bored 17. Love 18. Moral Judgments 19. Group Distinctions 20. Absolutes.