S1E8 Pish Posh Words Feedback I

3H2 Humans
Mastermind Symposium of Infinite Possibility
S1E8   Pish Posh Words Feedback I 1-16
November 28, 2015
LC Prepare Basic Needs

Listener Challenge #08
Explore internal and external factors of need. When basic needs are met, mental and physical ability to help others is increased. Prepare for emergencies such as a power outage, sever weather and other situations where items of need become difficult to obtain. Become familiar with household systems and machines. Where are the gas and water shutoffs? The breaker box? Encourage head of the household to create a Pink Zone Tangible checklist for emergencies. Keep extra supplies on hand to include food, water and supplies. Assist neighbors in need.

1. “If comments are vague or lack an example, ability to ingest information within a conversation decreases.” – Does it have to be a conversation?

2. “In summary, the Pink Zone is a shared understanding of stimuli, meaning an object or concept is tangible.” – Objects tangible, never concepts.

3. “If words and thoughts do not match, slow down a discussion and ask questions. Investigate, is the topic one where variables are measured with a similar lens?” – Don’t tell your reader what to do. Tell them what is needed for Pink Zone. Lenses don’t measure they distort or focus on…

4. “Humans can talk for hours and produce only a few mutually indigestible variables.” – Variables are things subject to change, maybe you mean, “Ideas” or “concepts?”

5. “Essentially, effort put forth through Yellow Zone vocabulary may produce undesirable results when considering optimized communication.” – But maybe desirable too? Who are you to judge what is optimal for other people?

6. “Expand further when relaying information as to remove assumption based, Pish Posh Words.” – You aren’t removing words, but adding to them to make more descriptive. Don’t tell reader what to do. Instead, “Expanding further…removes..”

7. “Reading exposes a mind to new perspectives.” – Does reading always expose a mind to new perspectives?

8. “Both parties are able to ingest shared stimuli when pertinent detail is offered.” – Need to use different word sometimes, how about, “absorb?”

9. The header of a section as, “Ingest, Reflect and Modify for Deep Level Stimuli Processing.” – Too lengthy. Try just, “Deep level, stimuli processing as title. Then describe the stages in this section.

10. “Understanding is a keystone of intelligence and deserves conscious awareness.” – Understanding deserves conscious awareness? WTF? As opposed to unconscious? Being conscious is being aware. Look it up. They are synonymous.

11. “The ingest, reflect and modify example to compare food ingestion to stimuli ingestion.” – Please change this. It makes no sense.

12. “An abundance of unknown flavors, or perspectives exists beyond a perceived known.” – Why should one care about so many perspectives? Most are wrong as there is only one truth.

13. “Reflection may begin after stimuli is prepped for cognition. Once foundational components are processed, meditate upon newly introduced variables. Ask, “Is this stimuli beneficial towards my life? Examine continuums of infinite possibility with an open mind.” – Why? I thought we wanted mutual understanding, not infinite possibilities?

14. “Due to a high frequency of Pish Posh Words within the statement, we shall heighten our filters. Why? Pish Posh Words are a red flag, a sign the speaker is subconsciously, rather than consciously speaking.” – They are subconsciously telling you to drink apple cider vinegar? Really?

15. “Modify. None-the-less, apple cider vinegar is a probiotic and examined as a variable among the diet of aged and healthy humans. Perhaps a daily serving is a bit more of a reasonable target to aim for.” – Variable. Wrong word. Maybe supplement. Modify, with your own assumptions of course, because you are the expert?

16. “Even though algorithms suggest a false speaker, the advice offered is worth further investigation. In these situations consciously ingest, reflect and modify. Peel back layers of meaning in order to expose the core of information.” – Do you even know what an algorithm is? Please look this up.