S1E10 10L First Half PPW

3H2 Humans
Mastermind Symposium of Infinite Possibility
S1E10   10L First Half PPW
December 22, 2015
LC Bring Bags

Listener Challenge #10
Bring re-usable bags when out and about. Imagine the waste created through use of disposable bags on a worldwide scale. Decrease needless waste and increase item transfer efficiency. Become a diligent community member through use of re-usable bags. Many sizes, durability and colors exist for sale at most stores. Seek ideal bags for individual daily shopping needs. Keep at least five in the car at all times. Use these bags for food, hardware, clothes, house wares and each time goods are exchanged. Vendors appreciate conscious minded shoppers. Bring Bags.

10L First Half PPW

  1.  You
  2. Can’t
  3.  Should
  4.  Make
  5.  Sorry
  6. Try
  7.  They
  8.  Actually
  9.  Obviously
  10.  Finally

5L Podcasts

  1.  Meditation Oasis – Mary and Richard Maddux
  2.  The Tim Ferriss Show – The Tim Ferriss
  3.  Conscious Business with The Corporate Yogi – Julie Zuzek
  4.  Conscious Millionaire Business – JV Crum III
  5.  Shrink Rap Radio – Dr. Dave

5L Movies

  1.  Thanks For Sharing (2012)
  2.  The Power of Few (2013)
  3.  Ella Enchanted (2004)
  4.  Trading Places (1983)
  5.  The Christmas Card (2006)