S2E5 10L 3H2 Humans Jargon

November 9, 2016
S2E5 10L 3H2 Humans Jargon

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Give What is Desired LC #19
Give a gift which is desired.  If a person  requests others to act and be diligent with their time, is the person who requests the action diligent with their time as well? To give what is desired is to practice what it preached. When put into action, this perspective can produce profound learning experiences. To view a desire from the give perspective rather than the take, will offer new insights into how a system operates. View a desire from both sides of the coin, give which is desired.

10L 3H2 Humans Jargon
1. 3H2 Humans
2. Pink Zone Communication
3. Yellow Zone Communication
4. Layers of Consciousness
5. Self-Actualization
6. Individual Perspective
7. Shared Understanding
8. Critical Thought
9. Conscious Communication
10. Cognitive Discovery Game

5L Podcasters Catch Themselves With, “You.”
1. The Tao of Comedy – Kelly Maclean / Cheryl Bayer
2. The Tim Ferriss Show – Tim Ferriss
3. Third Eye Drops – Michael Phillip / Thubten Chodron
4. The Astral Hustle – Cory Allen / Hamilton Souther
5. StarTalk Radio – Neil deGrasse Tyson / Bill Nye

5L Cable TV
1. Hallmark Movies and Mysteries
2. Superstore
3. Jeopardy!
4. Major League Baseball
5. Mr. Robot

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