S2E10 10L Unique Daily Habits

March 28, 2017
S2E10 10L Unique Daily Habits


Create a Chart Card

Listener Challenge #22: Super Boost productivity, create a chart card!  In other words, measure task progress in simple terms of complete or incomplete on a 3×5 lined note card.  On the very left side of the card, write six actions desired to complete on a daily basis.  Choose three health categories such as jog or eat fresh veggies and three profession categories such as update website and clear inbox.  At the top of the card mark Thu, Fri, Sat and all the days of the week to include the date. Next, draw lines to create a grid with categories of action of the left and the date at the top.  Mark a line inside corresponding boxes when a task is complete.  (For an example of a chart card sign up to the 3H2 Humans Newsletter.  Enjoy!)


10L Unique Daily Habits

  1. Jog, kettle bell, Meditation Oasis Podcast
  2. 100 trinket photos per day
  3. Conscious of subconscious word selection
  4. Chart card for M-F task accountability
  5. Learn and be productive – Screenshot podcasts
  6. Reflection write – Critical thought exercise
  7. Conscious of food source – Vegetarian, probiotics
  8. Neighbor to the world – Earth as single organism
  9. Whiteboard with note card accountability
  10. Aware of environment – Recognize individual reality



5L Spokane Hotels

  1. Best Western Plus – City Center
  2. Spokane Club – Riverside
  3. Davenport Grand Hotel – Convention Center
  4. CDA Resort – Lake Coeur d’Alene
  5. Hotel RL – Red Lion at the park


5L Music Albums

  1. Florence and The Machine – Lungs (2009)
  2. Lorde – Pure Heroine – (2013)
  3. Whiskey Avengers – Dead Man Rockin’ (2011)
  4. Everlast – Whitey Ford Sings the Blues(1998)
  5. The Black Eyed Peas – Elephunk (2004)


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