S2E13 Bryne Prepares for Travel

April 12, 2017
S2E13 Bryne Prepares for Travel

Listener Challenge #25
Dive-in to subconscious processing! Offer conscious attention towards minimization of anxiety each day this week.  Jump off the diving board and confront one aspect of life which evokes fear. Once a fear or challenge is understood, a solution will surface. Be conscious to remove thoughts of good and bad and wrong and right. Instead, focus on the subconscious process which motivates a particular feeling. Reluctant to speak to the public? Record a short monologue as a means to take action towards removal of the fear.  Small steps each day this week, will lead to peace of mind next week.

Bryne and Lynnardo Discuss Preparation for Travel (Original Recording 2014.08.02)

  1. Chores to complete before departure
  2. Why time off of daily life is important
  3. Destination Hungry Horse Montana
  4. Destination Glacier National Park
  5. How trinkets first began

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