S2E14 Radio Show 2yr Anniversary

April 20, 2017
S2E14 Radio Show 2yr Anniversary

Listener Challenge #26
Investigate new Radio Shows and organize areas of the home during this week’s listener challenge.  Explore unfamiliar shows.  Dive-in to broadcasts which have never been listened to before. Have a favorite author or thought leader?  Enter their name in the search field of ITunes, Stitcher and other audio on demand apps.  While listening to the new show, clean out and organize parts of the home. Start with junk drawers and work up to entire rooms.  Be productive and expose the mind to novel perspectives of others.


Lynnardo Misquotes Yoda (Recorded 2014.03.20)

  1. “Try,” a word to abandon
  2. Explanation of duality
  3. Hard to remove the word, “You”
  4. Why podcasts are awesome
  5. Book Talk: Saving Bernice pg. 39
  6. Three types of knowledge
  7. Increase exposure, review favorite podcasts
  8. Community goals of 3H2 Humans


Radio Show Feature
The Positive Head Podcast – Brandon Beachum
408: Let’s be mindful of the language we use
Brandon explains perspectives related to use of the word, “Girl.”

TV Show Feature
Billions – Showtime
Episode 8 Kingmaker
Taylor offers unique perspectives related to self-identity and honesty

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