S2E17 Questions and Answers

June 3, 2017
S2E17 Questions and Answers

Listener Challenge #29 – Focus on the Fridge
Completely empty out and clean the refrigerator at home and work.  Throw away expired and unused food items.  Organize the remaining contents by department and frequency of use.  Place healthy, fresh food options at eye level.  Allow this to be a week-long event.  Purchase healthy options which can be prepared in advance for grab and go convenience. (Bring re-usable bags to grocery store)


Questions and Answers While on the Road in So Cal (Original Recording 2017.06.03)

  1. Who are Lynnardo and Mustacio?
  2. What is 3H2 Humans all about?
  3. Explain why there are Thought Seeds on the website.
  4. How do I play The Cognitive Discovery Game at home?
  5. What social media platforms do 3H2 Humans use?


Movie Thought Seed
Defending Your Life – (1991)
Thought provoking perspective toward human existence


Thought Seed Leader
Garrett Lisi – Pacific Science Institute
Pioneer who contributes to shift in current education paradigm


Announcements: Now Hiring several contractor positions (Radio Show Engineer, Optimize / Assist with web presence and day to day duties) – Send email to info@3h2humans.org for more info / California Road trip in progress June 2017 – In honor of Grandpa Stu / Gratitude for those who support the show / Enjoy!