S2E18 Questions and Answers II

June 13, 2017
S2E18 Q&A II

Listener Challenge #30 – Expel Bottled Energy
Release tension held deep within the mind and body.  Laugh out loud with pride, cry tears of sorrow and break a sweat through vigorous exercise.  Like a valve, these three actions release bottled energy held within the mind.  For a physical tune up, consider massage techniques used to remove knots and yoga stretches which release muscle tensions within the body.  For this week, focus attention towards stress release techniques of positive energy transfer.  Open up those chakras!


Q&A II, In Spokane after 2549 Road Miles and 17 Days (Recorded 2017.06.12)

  1. How will 3H2 Humans improve my life?
  2. Why is consciousness important to know?
  3. What are Lynnardo’s credentials and profession?
  4. How does 3H2 Humans stay in business?
  5. What are trinkets?


Thought Seed Music
Johnny Cash (Geoff Mack) – “I’ve Been Everywhere.”
Relatable song heard while on the road at Fermentation Celebration in Bend OR


Thought Seed Podcast
Invisible Office Hours – Season 6 Launch Promo
Paul and Jason’s scientific approach to entrepreneurship is relatable


Announcements: Now Hiring several contractor positions (Radio Show Engineer, Optimize / Assist with web presence and day to day duties) – Send email to info@3h2humans.org for more info / California road trip complete – Spokane to Goleta 2549 miles 47hrs on car timer/ Season II Ends June 30 with Season III to start September 11 /Gratitude for those who support the show / Enjoy!