S2E20 5th of July

July 6, 2017
S2E20 5th of July

Listener Challenge #32 – Wall Hanging Clear Out
Remove pictures, clocks and pieces of art from walls within the home during this week’s listener challenge. Gather the items in one room and organize them into three piles; keep, donate and rubbish.  With conscious awareness, re-hang items from the “keep,” pile. Aim to minimize pictures of people and be sensitive towards how wall art impacts guests who visit.       

Thought Seed Artist
L.R. Montgomery – Northwest Artist
Enjoyed a Pink Zone conversation and purchased an original oil painting

Thought Seed Music
Tove Lo – Lady Wood
Listened to 2nd Album from Tove Lo several times


Don’t Shelf the Self (Recorded Spokane WA 2014.07.07)

  1. The barer of news will (subconsciously) alter concepts relayed
  2. Psychological disorders are a cultural phenomenon
  3. Vacations are magical because stimuli is new and exciting
  4. Goal: Unhealthy habits harder to access and healthy options easier
  5. What if Americans focused on well-being during 4th of July celebrations?
  6. Bryne and Lynnardo talked about subjective and objective reality
  7. Instead of (good/bad) think in terms of (progress/hindrance)
  8. Carl Jung encouraged exploration to better understand society and self

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