3H2 Vocabulary

3H2 Humans Frequently Used Words
June 2, 2017

Below are frequently used words found within the 3H2 Humans website, Radio Show and other publications. If additional information is desired click on related links or send an email to info@3h2humans.org.  We welcome thought seeds from those who stumble upon our forest of ideas. Enjoy!

3H2 Humans
A mindset guided through conscious awareness with focus on individual optimization of health, happiness and a humble perspective. A 3H2 Human uses critical thought to explore varied vantage points of reality, considers conscious communication and is diligent today for a thriving community tomorrow.

Cognitive Discovery Game
Card game intended to expand vocabulary and critical thinking ability through randomization of cards paired with a statement or question.  Similar to a workout for the body, each round of play increases neuronal connections in the brain. Concepts of right and wrong and good or bad are omitted. An action based perspective is encouraged as new thought seeds are introduced through random card and subject combinations. Learn more.

Conscious Awareness
In this layer of awareness, day to day actions occur with knowledge of environmental stimuli.  Those who operate from a mindset of conscious awareness exist within a reality where a shared perspective becomes viable.

A human will bounce back and forth between conscious awareness, subconscious processing, and universal consciousness throughout the day. Shifts in mindset are an indication of a person’s current mental capacity.

Examples of conscious awareness: To play sports, conscious word formulation, healthy food choices, conscious communication, Pink Zone actions and soul based emotions.

Conscious Communication
A shared perspective is a goal within conscious communication. Words are selected with intent as meaning is constructed from a conscious, rather than subconscious process. Spelling and technical aspects of communication are put aside as language nuances are examined from a neurological perspective.  Neuronal connections, nutrition, body language, mental capacity and other vantage points are examined when conscious communication is explored.

Consciousness Layers
If something is alive, it will likely experience a varied degree of exposure to unique and distinct layers of awareness. Consciousness holds similar properties as energy and can be described in layers.  Three of these known layers include: subconscious process, conscious awareness and universal consciousness.

Mental changes such as mood influence perception of sensory input, thus movement among layers is possible.

Critical Thought
A three step mental process used to assess logic and validity of information. The steps are performed in order as follows: ingest, reflect and modify. To apply critical thought is to accept or reject a perspective after the first two stages of this mental process are complete.

Ingest stimuli for what it is, reflect on a personal application and then modify content to fit one’s own individual beliefs. An ability to apply critical thought is heightened when information is first ingested before modification takes place.

Individual Perspective
Though a perspective may appear to be similar or understood on the surface, each individual ingests reality through varied filters of belief based on past neuronal connections.

Moment to moment new information is considered. View a speaker as they are today, within a present moment reality.

Different to agree, a shared understanding happens when an object or idea is viewed as similar.

Pink Zone Communication
A communication style where a shared understanding is reached. An object or concept is viewed as similar due to a thought process which is logical. Opinion is accompanied by a logical reason behind the particular perspective. Conscious effort is awarded toward articulation of words when Pink Zone communication is embraced.

Close attention to words will increase logic of a speaker. The reason, logical speakers form words from a conscious process whereas illogical speakers form words from a subconscious process.

Pink Zone Tangibility
A physical action which transforms a thought into a material object. This action evolves an idea beyond a mental process. An opinion becomes something tangible due to a third party ability to ingest a concept without further explanation.  When noted in a material state, a thought becomes easier to measure with shared accuracy.

If there is a desire to reach a shared understanding with others, produce a pink zone tangible object during information transfer.

Pish Posh Words Worth Conscious Attention
Conscious attention of Pish Posh words will increase ability to apply critical thought when a shared understanding is pursued. Pish Posh Words have potential to reveal hidden emotions of a speaker.  Often times these words are formulated from a subconscious, rather than conscious process. Understanding of Pish Posh Words will increase an ability to engage conscious communication.

Words become less effective when spoken from emotion, ego or a subconscious process. In other words, to decrease Pish Posh Words is to increase Pink Zone communication and relay concepts with logic.

Pish Posh Words:

1. You 2. Can’t 3. Should 4. Make 5. Sorry  6. Try 7. They 8. Actually 9. Obviously 10. Finally 11. Clearly 12. Girls 13. Impossible 14. Regret 15. Lonely 16. Bored 17. Love  18. Moral Judgements 19. Group Distinctions 20. Absolutes.

Self-actualization is a term used in Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  A core idea behind self-actualization deals with satisfaction of basic human needs.  When a person’s foundational needs such as food, shelter, water, comfort and security are met, a person is more likely to pursue passions and find purpose in life.

Self-actualized individuals give conscious attention to a present moment reality as words are formed with conscious awareness. Through habit and persistence, monetary gains align with ethics and morals as occupation fulfillment is also a characteristic of self-actualized humans.

Many perspectives expressed through 3H2 Humans are done so through a lens of self-actualization. In order to test a self-actualized mindset, examine a person’s use of you, as it offers a real time test for self-awareness.   If a person misuses the word you, in place of I, functioning is from a decreased cognitive state and indicates absence of a self-actualized mindset.

Shared Perspective
An agreement towards meaning, whereas application of meaning may remain under dispute. It’s ok to agree to disagree. First agree on the subject at hand, then move forward with a discussion. Be conscious to remove assumptions when a shared perspective is desired and approach others with an open mind.

Inquire with “tell me more,” when vague descriptions surface.  In the end, both parties benefit when inquiries guide one another towards a shared understanding. “Tell me more,” encourages Pink Zone communication.

Subconscious Process
Similar to a foundation for a house, subconscious processes provide foundational support for organisms. This layer is often outside conscious awareness. Stigmas, stereotypes, habits, dogmas and other automatic responses occur here.  Within animals, this layer contributes to primal urges and biological responses. For humans it is here, in subconscious processing where reality is created.

Examples of a subconscious process include: To walk, word formulation, food habits, subconscious communication, Yellow Zone actions and ego based emotions.

Universal consciousness
Rapid, profound insights, mystical experiences, the sixth sense and above normal cognitive ability occur within universal consciousness. This layer of awareness includes intuition and non-local communication. A sense of unity and humble perspective towards others is felt within this mindset.  An agreed foundation of truth is felt beliefs are challenged.

Mounting in complexity, a mindset of universal consciousness is far less common than other layers of awareness.  With basic needs fulfilled and ego calmed, neuronal connections are available to access energy from a heightened state of consciousness. Optimization of mind and body contribute to achievement of this mindset.

Examples of universal consciousness include: Intuition of professional athletes, accurate word formulation, food choices which rejuvenate, profound conscious communication, Pink Zone actions and intuition based emotions.

Yellow Zone Communication
A varied idea of reality among people.  In other words, there is an ambiguous understanding of a subject communicated. A picture visualized in the mind will vary depending on the perspective of who processes a given vague description.

Of reality as a listener requires additional information in order to gain a shared understanding of a subject discussed. Thus, all parties do not grasp each other’s individual perspective. Ingestion of an object or concept is halted due to a thought processes which is subconscious, emotional, deceptive, subjective or ego based.